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Broadbandmeter 29: Solarmeter 10.0 (Global Power)

Full Spectrum

Calibration factor chosen such, that the ASTM AM 1.5 reference spectrum with 1000 W/m² global irradiance ( results in a meter reading of 1000 W/m². This is based on the description on the solarmeter website: "The master meter was calibrated to match standard class II pyranometer on a plane tilted 37° from horizontal, oriented perpendicular to the axis of the sun, under airmass 1.5 global solar irradiance at an independent test lab"

Title Solarmeter 10.0 (Global Power)
Unit W/m²
Lambdamax 945
Factor 0.018
ColorMap 0
Database entry created: Sarina Wunderlich 3/May/2021 ; updated: Sarina Wunderlich 17/Jul/2021